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This shoot will be at Donadea Forest Park, Donadea, County Kildare, Ireland. , . The shoots with start at 10am SHARP on Saturday, August 12th 2023 and last shoot is 18:00 , 1 hour per shoot and a 1 hour lunchbreak. The bookings page shows how it works Bookings bookings.php
This is a 100% non commercial shoot for amateur photographers and models from our online groups and is solely for recreational purposes and to enjoy our countryside while indulging in our personal hobbies.


Martin Doran of Grand Walking Tours (please subscribe) did a scouting video of the location with a few tips to show people a few bits of the location so people have an idea of what to expect. It looks to be a pretty good spot.


The shoot is 100% FREE (no money ever changes hands) as its a fun collaboration between hobbyist models and hobbyist photographers, but please check the conditions , amount of images you get , how long editing (if any) will take , and other basic expectations so you wont be disappointed. In fact there are €400 in prizes (scroll down to see more)

What is this all about ?

Basically this is a gathering of photographers and models in one location in an attempt to do some organised shoots and have a bit of fun while doing so. Its initially for the members of the facebook group "Ireland Models" (feel free to search and join), but its really open to anyone who wants to sign up to the database here.

How does it work ?

Once signed up as a model , you can search photographers profiles and see what ones you want to work with and book them. When signed up as a photographer you can do the same for the models profiles , both sides have to approve the request before the shoot is confirmed and the booking turns green. You can confirm in the My Profile (login.php section once you sign in.

Each shoot is 1 hour long (45 minutes shooting and 15 minutes to get back to base) and we have scheduled in a break for everyone between 1 and 2 where no bookings can be made so that everyone gets a bit of a rest.

What do i need to bring ?

Some things to think of for models :

* A towel (or 2) , Different outfit per shoot, its a forest with a lake so you may get wet , and there is no limit to the range you can attempt.
* A change of clothes in case you do get wet/sweaty
* Some snacks and water.
* Bug Spray and wipes as it is a Forest and very outdoors.

Some things to think of for Photographers :

* A towel (just in case)
* Camera Gear , lighting if required, reflector,
* If you have a portable backdrop system and a few different colours it may work for studio style shots.
* Try to pick a unique trasmitter ID if using flash triggers so we dont set off each others flashes - chatroom is a good place to organise that.


When shooting there are always a few rules to follow , here are a few we think are acceptable

1. No touching the models in any way without first getting permission
2. No pushing boundaries , models work to their own comfort level so no trying to push past that
3. 1 hour slots start on the hour, shooting is 45 minutes and 15 minutes to get back to base. NO HOGGING MODELS
4. When your timeslot is close , stay near the tent so you can match with model/photographer easily
5. No using other photographers props , if they brought something to shoot with its theirs and not anyone elses
6. Respect people using the forest on the day , give them space and dont have them in the background. They are out to enjoy themselves and we shouldnt interfere with that.
7.Respect the Forest and keep it tidy, everything we bring in , we bring out - try to keep bins for the other users and bring all your own rubbish with you.
8. Photographers or models who dont show on the day with no notice will be blacklisted and removed from Ireland Models
9. If you as a model or a photographer feel uncomfortable about anything then PLEASE contact Grant. Martin.
10. No taking models if they arent rostered to you in that hour - this can delay the next shoot

As a bit of advice , if a model/photographer isnt shooting and you have a shoot , get them to tag along , they may be able to give creative advice or help out in areas you didnt expect and it also gives them something to do while waiting for their next shoot, even time keeping may help

PRIZE FUND - €400 in all

* Prize for best photographer image (public vote) €100
* Prize for best models image (public vote) this year with 1st 2nd and 3rd place.
€150, €100 and €50
* 100% free entry ! (Why would you pay for a free location?)
* Meet the members, have the craic, get some shots
* Water and some food (croissants, biscuits and bananas) provided on the day (cant guarantee we can feed everyone depending on numbers)
* Organised time slots between model and photographers beforehand here on the website with booking system
* Shoot will be Saturday August 12th
* The only requirement to be eligible to win a prize is that you sign in on our sheets before 11am and sign out after 5pm

* Sign up now !!!
---> Models Signup ( signup_models.php
---> Photographers Signup signup_togs.php

Everyone is welcome to come on the day weather shooting or just observing as its a public venue. Video people may also join in but its primarily for photos.