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Last Online : 13 June
Photographer  Davek

Gallery Yes
First nameDave
Bookings8 / 8 (0 chill)
Beach 2024 Attended
Forest Attended
Bull Island Beach Attended


Reviewed by : niamhm Mon 10th June 24
Beach 2024,Donabate
    Dave was so good to shoot with great attitude,made me feel so comfortable and was open to my ideas aswell
Reviewed by : aliciaocal03 Mon 10th June 24
Beach 2024,Donabate
    Unfortunately, didn’t get to shoot with this photographer as I fell sick on the day. But very understanding, can’t wait to get the opportunity to shoot with again. Met on the day and introduced himself too me, very lovely person
Reviewed by : charli gray Mon 10th June 24
Beach 2024,Donabate
    Dave is amazing to work with and fun as well. I recommend 100%
Reviewed by : kittyspics1 Mon 10th June 24
Beach 2024,Donabate
    I have wanted to shoot with this insanely talented man for soooooo long and finally got the chance. Not only Is Dave a gifted photographer but is so sound, funny, intelligent. Legendary status. You sent edits and I actually cried, they are that good. I hope to shoot with you one on one in the summer. You are a breath of fresh air. X